Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Medičarna Špičko is the owner and administrator of http://medicarna-spicko.hr/. Our retail store MEDIČARNA ŠPIČKO is located at Đure Ester 9 in HR-48000 Koprivnica, Croatia, phone 00385 48 642 311.


Products shown are part of our sales program. We try to update the information as much as we can. As all our products are handmade and unique, all photos of products are symbolic and products may vary from those displayed.
Product delivery fees will be charged.

Payment methods

In our physical store you can pay with cash or credit cards. Payment by invoice is possible for legal persons and online orders. Payment via the Internet is done by paying the amount of the offer or proforma invoice to our account.

Other conditions

Medičarna Špičko guarantees that all data obtained via the contact form or through cookies will be used for communication with the clients only and shall not be consigned to third parties or used for marketing purposes. The function of cookies is to provide easier website operation – for example, the cookies allow for the website to remember and recognize you when you return to the website on the same device (PC, smartphone, etc) so you don’t have to login again. They also remember what was placed in your shopping cart in case you haven’t completed your order.


All content published on the http://medicarna-spicko.hr/ website is owned and copyrighted by Medičarna Špičko crafts store, owner Mihael Špičko. Reproduction, distribution, modification, public presentation and representation and other forms of use of the copyrighted materials without the explicit permission of Medičarna Špičko.

Communication and electronic notification

The seller reserves the right to call the user on his/her phone number or send him/her an e-mail to his address, in case it is needed to address the problem (orders, complaints, request etc.) in connection with the user.
If you have any comments, compliments or questions about our conditions on our business, you can contact us by e-mail: medicarna.spicko@gmail.com or at the following address: Medičarna Špičko, Đure Estera 9, 48000 Koprivnica, or you can call our landline, 00385 48 642 311. Certainly, we will welcome criticism or praise of our website.
We are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00 +1GMT at the previously mentioned number.

Privacy policy statement

The data we collect via registration and contact forms (name, last name, address, e-mail) is used only for answering your enquiry or sending the goods to you. Your contact data will be shared with delivery service so your goods could be delivered to you. You can ask as to delete your data at any time.

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